The company FASAL WOOD GmbH develops and markets materials as well as products made from renewable resources. Our aim is to play a leading role in thermoplastic processing of wood, including extrusion and injection molding.

We provide project management starting with your product drawings over the mold construction to the final product.

All processes and products developed are protected by patent.


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Since 1998 the company produces granulates for injection molding under the brand name Fasal®.


Research & Development Centre

Production site 1:

Anton Sattlergasse 104,

1220, Vienna, Austria, Europe

Purchase tax number: ATU 63631788
EORI-number: ATEOS1000003576   



FASAL Bio d.o.o.

Production site 2:

Gajščak 34, 10000, Zagreb,

Croatia, Europe

Purchase tax number: OIB 42363457074
EORI-number: HR42363457074   


Partner research center IFA-Tulln / Austria / Europe

Chief Executive Officer
Ing. Kresimir Hagljan

Contact: info@fasal.at