After years of research work we succeeded to produce a mixture of wood, maize, natural or synthetic resins and other fillers which can be extruded to injection molding granulates in a stable process. The wood has to show a defined grain size distribution and a constant water content.  As well waste wood which achieves these defaults can be used.  Using waste wood is ecologically sensible as well as favorable.  The standard formulas are exclusively manufactured with wood from certified sustainably managed forests under the PEFC scheme.


Inside the extruder the material is plasticized under pressure and heat.  At the end of the process the mass is formed into strands by a tool with 32 holes.  These strands can be cut instantly or after cooling in a strand granulator.  The so gained Fasal® granulates have the same size as commercially available granulates.

Fasal® is processed by standard injection molding machines which means there is no need for any additional processing components.

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